Problems with the Tripp Lite Keyspan USA-49WG

When I got the Ten Tec Orion 2, I needed a real serial port. I thought this would be a good time to get one a 4 port USB – Serial converter. I opted for the Keyspan USA-49WG as I have had good luck with that brand on my Mac. It has worked mostly OK, but I do get random blue screens of death ( BSOD ). The crash dump reports the 49WG driver. I opened a ticket with Tripp Lite on 28 Dec 2012. I will report back on what happens. Note I am running this with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on a Dell XPS PC (that was for the search engines).

September 2012 QST Cover Plaque


20121227-020352.jpgThe ARRL Southeast Division Vice-Director presented this award at the 2012 Tampa Bay Hamfest in December. It now enjoys a coveted spot on my office wall. Thanks for everyone’s support and encouragement in writing and reviewing this article for me. Thanks also to everyone that voted for my article on the ARRL’s website.QST-Cover-2012-09-Detail

How do I find out the address of an Icom RP2C DStar Controller?

I have an Icom DStar repeater that I support. While testing, I changed the default IP address of the Icom DStar controller from the default 172.*.*.* address. The question is how to find out what I changed it to? I have a non-routable class C address on my home network (192.168.1.*). I presumed I set it to something in that subnet. I tried nmap to so a ping scan with this command nmap -sP 192.168.1.* but that did not work. Note I did verify the Icom controller DOES respond to a ping.

I used tcpdump to watch the Ethernet NIC and I saw a bunch of arp requests. One of the source IP addresses I then pinged this one and it replied. While the ping was running, I unplugged the network cable from the front of the Icom controller and the ping stopped replying. So, it looked like I confirmed the address. In the RP2C software, I changed the address to the 239 address, entered the password and it worked!