Real-time interface of Station Contest Data to Website

In an effort to involve more of our club members, I had the idea to allow users of the St. Petersburg ARC (SPARC) web page to see in real-time, the status of the contesting efforts at the club station. My vision is something like this…

  • Using the TR4W or N1MM+ contesting software’s feature where contact and radio info is broadcast to the network via UDP, I have a Raspberry Pi-based collector of this information running at the station.
  • This info is parsed using code from a few other projects that already process the XML UDP messages and I place these in a database.
  • A webpage is built from the database with the current radio info (both stations) and a view of the last 50 contacts.
  • I then build a widget to place on the club’s WordPress site to show this information.
  • The net result is a user on the website will be able to see the VFO of each radio, the current operator, and the last X contacts worked. The score of the contest will also be available courtesy of the contest logger’s real-time scoring updates.

I will keep a running history of this project on it’s own page on this blog. If you are interested in participating, let me know. I imagine this could have some general utility for other clubs too.

Radio Gear for Sale

Updated 8/4/2016 – Any items not crossed-out are still available.

I am selling some surplus gear. All prices are for local pickup. Actual shipping paid by the buyer. I could also meet in the Tampa Bay area.

  • Microham DB-37 cable for Icom $40
  • Microham USB sound card interface (with an icom cable) ($65)
  • Icom ID-1 1.2 Ghz Analog/DStar radio. Includes data mode via Ethernet connection to send 128kbs data via DStar. Have microphone, manuals and cables. I have a second one if you want to make a pair for a remote data app. ($550 each)
  • Icom 821H Dual-band 2m/440 base CW/SSB/FM radio (it has a quirk in that when you key there is a slight delay). ($400)
  • Icom ID-92AD dual band DSTAR radio. Included base charger $200


All radios have been tested on my HP8924C service monitor including output and receiver tests. If you come to see anything, I would be glad to fire it up into the analyzer and let you verify it works according to specs. You know, unless the analyzer sells first.

JT9 anyone?

I have been reading about JT-9 recently. It seems that since Joe Large has discontinued support for JT-65HF (due to health issues), JT9 is filling the bill. Has anyone tried JT9 yet? What about the new integration with JT-Alert? I think I will have to give it a try this week.

I also fond out that JT-1 is the typical mode used on HF. You can also use JT9-30 which means each interaction sis 30 minutes. Surely, this cannot mean we transmit for 30 minutes at a time. That is for really weak signal work.

Icom 775DSP For Sale

The rig is sold.


I have an Icom 775 DSP (Serial #1185) for sale.

The rig is in great shape, works flawlessly and has ALL optional filters except for the AM filter. Internal Antenna tuner, 200 watts output, built-in power supply. Dual-Watch complete with 2 VFO knobs for ease of listening to the receive side of a pile-up. I have the manual, but no microphone as I use a headset.

I wil be taking to the Tampa Bay hamfest but I figured I would offer to fellow FCG’ers first.

Due to the filter complement, the price is $2000. Shipping is extra at actual cost from the shipping store.

I am selling simply as I have a Ten Tec Orion II and it seems silly to let this great radio go underutilized.

Don’t forget I also have the Ten-Tec Titan 425 1500 Watt amplifier for sale. It will be at the Tampa Bay hamfest too.

Finally….toning cables…

After many years dealing with telecom (and using other people’s toning tools), I broke down and got a nice Fluke cable tester and tone tool. The tool is a Fluke Networks MT-8200-60A IntelliTone Pro 200 Kit . This started because I have to tone out a bunch of coax cables from the back of the house and I tend to do those things as time allows without anyone else around. The tester has an F connector on it so I can hook up an F connector to N female patch cord to connect coax cables. It also have alligator clips to allow hooking to bare wires or even a jack that will check RJ45/RJ11 connectors. Once I get it on Tuesday I will give it a try and report back.