DXCC Update – March 2017 Update

After 2 more months, I have confirmed another 16 countries on 160. I’m not sure if I can going to be able to get to 100 this season. I also added 7 on 30m and none on 12m. With the summer, I should get to 100 on both 30m and 12m. Here’s hoping that a bunch of 160 contacts show up on LOTW.

LOTW Status as of 1 March 2017


LOTW Status as of 19 December 2016

Winter is a great time to work DX on 160 meters. I have far more activity¬†on 160m and 30m than 12m. Here’s hoping I can finish off the remaining 40 QSLs on 160 this winter…

5B DXCC and 1000 DXCC Challenge points Complete!

Well, my DXCC goals are complete for now. I was working on 5B DXCC and was able to finish up these contacts on 80 meters. I also collected 1000 confirmed band-points (county and band combination) to reach the first DXCC Challenge level.

I have some  more confirmations needed on 12m and 30m for 8 band DXCC and hope to get the rest on 160 this winter. But that is it for now. The next task is to get back into satellite operations.

LOTW Status as of June 23 2016

LOTW Status as of June 23 2016