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Network upgrades

While it pains me to say it, the cable Internet service is fairly reliable here. The one BIG exception iOS when we have power outages. One can imagine that Spectrum has never heard of a UPS to use on their router along the way between each home and their cable plant. When we get power outages here in Madeira Beach due to thunderstorms, it is not unusual for the Internet to go out. Sometimes it is just a few seconds and other times it has gone into the minutes. We…

Networking Info for the UDM Pro No Internet Detected error

Just a note for anyone else searching for UDM Pro No Internet Detected issue. I have a Netgear cable modem so it is not a router at all. I installed the UDM Pro but it could never get to the Internet. I searched and found some references to setting the time but my time was correct. I then read something about the UDM Pro wanting to get to “something” but not telling us what. For some reason, that clicked as a potential DNS issue. Sure enough, on the Advanced options…

One shy of DXCC Challenge 1500

The ARRL‘s DXCC Challenge Award is earned by working and confirming at least 1,000 DXCC band-points on any Amateur bands, 160 through 6 meters (except 60 meters). So each combination of DXCC entity and band is one point. Work Germany on 5 bands, you get 5 points. The basic award is 1000 points but I never applied for that one. Several months ago I saw I was close to 1500 points so I thought I would wait to I reach 1500 (endorsements are in 500 point increments) and then apply for the award and…

Presentation on ADS-B

ADS-B is a method where planes broadcast their position data. I did a presentation for the Clearwater Amateur Radio Society about the technology and how I built a system myself for mounting on my tower. Here is the link to the presentation.   [ny4i-next-meeting day=”Saturday”]

Understanding Repeaters

Presentation I did for the Upper Pinellas Amateur Radio Club on some repeater basics. Understanding Repeaters

Fun with Airplane Data

I have started playing with ADS-B data again. For those that do not know, ADS-B is a system where planes send their position, speed, heading and other telemetry to the ground via a radio on typically 1090 Mhz. This is unencrypted data that anyone with a receiver and antennas can pickup and use. The above chart is generated by the PiAware software running on a Raspberry Pi 3B. The planes and position reports you see are all received locally by me with a small antennas sitting on the window sill…

Chronology of a New Ham Radio Release

Part of any new radio release is a treasure-trove of commentary on the new radio’s email reflector. This is a summary of those topics so when you order your new radio you can recognize some of these common patterns. I started this with the Icom 9700 and it has been true for every new radio since then. Discussion if the rumored radio will actually be sold and when. General hand-wring regarding the vendor’s included/missing features. Consternation regarding how long it is taking to release anything. The inevitable price guessing (and…

TR4W to WSJT-X Integration

As you may know, I work on the development of the TR4W contest logger. After Field Day where many of our local group expressed some frustration with the complexity of the N1MM setup process for WSJT-X, I started to work on integrating WSJT-X into TR4W. This is a work in progress but I now have the program logging, as well as highlighting calls based on need (dupes, mults, etc).