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One shy of DXCC Challenge 1500

The ARRL’s DXCC Challenge Award is earned by working and confirming at least 1,000 DXCC band-points on any Amateur bands, 160 through 6 meters (except 60 meters). So each combination of DXCC entity and band is one point. Work Germany on 5 bands, you get 5 points. The basic award is 1000 points but I never applied for that one. Several months ago I saw I was close to 1500 points so I thought I would wait to I reach 1500 (endorsements are in 500 point increments) and then apply for the award and buy the plaque that goes with it. I am one shy…

That is really my last conceivable DXCC award until I get the beam installed on 6 meters for DXCC on 6m. That will give 10 band DXCC. Well Satellite is possible depending up what mix of satellites goes up but that is a ways off.

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