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Posts published in “Raspberry Pi”

Presentation on ADS-B

ADS-B is a method where planes broadcast their position data. I did a presentation for the Clearwater Amateur Radio Society about the technology and how I built a system myself for mounting on my tower. Here is the link to the┬ápresentation.   [ny4i-next-meeting day=”Saturday”]

Fun with Airplane Data

I have started playing with ADS-B data again. For those that do not know, ADS-B is a system where planes send their position, speed, heading and other telemetry to the ground via a radio on typically 1090 Mhz. This is unencrypted data that anyone with a receiver and antennas can pickup and use. The above chart is generated by the PiAware software running on a Raspberry Pi 3B. The planes and position reports you see are all received locally by me with a small antennas sitting on the window sill…

Raspberry PI Presentation

The presentation I did last week on the Raspberry Pi Overview mentioned several links. These are below: Zoom Recording of Session (unedited) Pi-Hole HamClock Top 10 Ham Radio Uses for a Raspberry Pi Fldigi Digital mode software Raspberry Pi Satellite Tracking Inteface Follow-on discussions Florida Repeater Database Formatted Repeater Database (Beta)