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TR4W to WSJT-X Integration

As you may know, I work on the development of the TR4W contest logger. After Field Day where many of our local group expressed some frustration with the complexity of the N1MM setup process for WSJT-X, I started to work on integrating WSJT-X into TR4W. This is a work in progress but I now have the program logging, as well as highlighting calls based on need (dupes, mults, etc).  

Field Day 2020 At NY4I

I am operating from home this Field Day due to our regular site and plans being put on hold. We have secured a county-wide repeater to use so hams operating at home can get a sense of community. We also have a chat server (hosted here), Zoom presentations to help with setup and other ways to help make this not as solitary an operation. I am using my 40-6m OCF for operating along with the best contest logger in the world, TR4W (if I do say so myself). The rig…

My 9 Band DXCC is Finally Finished

With a 12 meter confirmation from SM3LIV in Sweden, my 9B DXCC is finally done. That is at least 100 countries confirmed on 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meters. That was a really long time in the making to get the final QSL on 12 meters. Now award chasing gets even harder but a simpler ones are possible soon I hope. Next award to finish is 5B WAS for which I need 3 more QSLs on 10 meters (North Dakota, Louisiana, and Rhode Island). I…

Operating from Home

Thanks to Clayton KJ4RUS going up the tower along with ground crew Bob N2ESP, Pat AA0O and Ed NZ1Q, I have a wire antennas on the tower. Clayton climbed the tower to put a rope in the tower standoff’s pulley and the ground crew connected things so the antennas could be raised. The ends were tied off and it all seems to work well. The picture below is of a contact I made on FT8 showing the coverage of the antennas on 20 meters. This looks like a great pattern…

Raspberry PI Presentation

The presentation I did last week on the Raspberry Pi Overview mentioned several links. These are below: Zoom Recording of Session (unedited) Pi-Hole HamClock Top 10 Ham Radio Uses for a Raspberry Pi Fldigi Digital mode software Raspberry Pi Satellite Tracking Inteface Follow-on discussions Florida Repeater Database Formatted Repeater Database (Beta)

Tower base is firmly in the ground

The concrete is in the ground secured by a good amount of concrete. The contractor that rebuilt the house is doing the base and house brackets for this project. We had some false starts on the hole. Specifically, the first one they dug was too far from the house relative to the house bracket. The second hole was too far from the house in the other direction (the house bracket would have hung over). I really do not understand why it is so hard to look at a set of…

Tower project full steam ahead!

I thought I was going to wait a few months after the house was finished before I proceeded with the tower install, but plans changed. Since we obtained the tower permit as part of the house project, the permanent Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is dependent upon closing all projects on the main permit. Hence, the tower has to be installed sooner than planned. With this in mind, I ordered 4 sections of Rohn 55G which was delivered recently. The general contractor has the specs to have the rebar cage built.…

DXCC Update January 2019

The latest batch of cards I had checked at the Tampa Bay Hamfest were processed. I now need just 5 more confirmed on 12 meters for 9 band DXCC as I currently have 8 bands (Basic 5B DXCC on 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10m) plus 160 DXCC, 30m DXCC and 17m DXCC. After that my focus switches to VHF for DXCC on 6m but that will be tried again in Sporadic-E season in June when I have the tower all ready.