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Field Day 2020 At NY4I

I am operating from home this Field Day due to our regular site and plans being put on hold. We have secured a county-wide repeater to use so hams operating at home can get a sense of community. We also have a chat server (hosted here), Zoom presentations to help with setup and other ways to help make this not as solitary an operation.

I am using my 40-6m OCF for operating along with the best contest logger in the world, TR4W (if I do say so myself). The rig is a K3S barefoot and I hope to make some satellite contacts as well.

Have fun everyone.


  1. Glenn, M4GRC Glenn, M4GRC

    …and I always thought N1MM was the world’s best contest logger. Will have to check out this other one, which I don’t think I have.

  2. Glenn, N4GRC Glenn, N4GRC

    updating call sign

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