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Posts published in “Software”

TR4W to WSJT-X Integration

As you may know, I work on the development of the TR4W contest logger. After Field Day where many of our local group expressed some frustration with the complexity of the N1MM setup process for WSJT-X, I started to work on integrating WSJT-X into TR4W. This is a work in progress but I now have the program logging, as well as highlighting calls based on need (dupes, mults, etc).  

Real-time interface of Station Contest Data to Website

In an effort to involve more of our club members, I had the idea to allow users of the St. Petersburg ARC (SPARC) web page to see in real-time, the status of the contesting efforts at the club station. My vision is something like this… Using the TR4W or N1MM+ contesting software’s feature where contact and radio info is broadcast to the network via UDP, I have a Raspberry Pi-based collector of this information running at the station. This info is parsed using code from a few other projects that…