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Real-time interface of Station Contest Data to Website

In an effort to involve more of our club members, I had the idea to allow users of the St. Petersburg ARC (SPARC) web page to see in real-time, the status of the contesting efforts at the club station. My vision is something like this…

  • Using the TR4W or N1MM+ contesting software’s feature where contact and radio info is broadcast to the network via UDP, I have a Raspberry Pi-based collector of this information running at the station.
  • This info is parsed using code from a few other projects that already process the XML UDP messages and I place these in a database.
  • A webpage is built from the database with the current radio info (both stations) and a view of the last 50 contacts.
  • I then build a widget to place on the club’s WordPress site to show this information.
  • The net result is a user on the website will be able to see the VFO of each radio, the current operator, and the last X contacts worked. The score of the contest will also be available courtesy of the contest logger’s real-time scoring updates.

I will keep a running history of this project on it’s own page on this blog. If you are interested in participating, let me know. I imagine this could have some general utility for other clubs too.

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