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About my Station

Greetings! My name is Tom Schaefer. I am an amateur radio operator licensed as NY4I. I live on Madeira Beach, Florida directly on Boca Ciega Bay.


I operate an assortment of modes and radios. I have a youthful predilection towards Icom gear but have branched out as the need arose. When I first started out in ham radio as a kid, I really could not afford much. I depended upon the kindness of friends to loan me gear. I think because of that, now that I am fortunate enough to be able to afford whatever I want (radio-wise) I tend to collect stuff—although I have tempered that lately (I mean how much stuff does one person need). But I do like to loan stuff out to others (especially newer hams) so I can help as I was helped.

I am rebuilding my station at our recently purchased house. I am focusing on Satellite modes so VHF/UHF rules the day. I do plan on putting something up for HF of course too.

Current Stations include:


  • Elecraft K3 (including P3 Panadapter, KPA500 amplifier and KAT50 tuner)
  • microHam MKII keyer and Digital interface
  • Begali Stealth Limited paddle(#42)
  • RadioSport Headset

Other HF Gear on the bench include  Icom 7300, Drake C Line (Twins), Ten-Tec Century 21, and Flex 3000.

For Satellite work, I use the following:

  • Icom 9100 HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver
  • SSB Preamps
  • M2 LEO Pack 2m and 440 beams
  • Yaesu Az/El Rotor
  • Green Heron Engineering Az/El rotor controller

I also have some various equipment on loan to the St. Pete ARC (SPARC) for their remote station. This includes:

  • Elecraft K3 (with P3 Panadapter)
  • Alpha 9500 Auto Tune Amplifier
  • SPE 1.3 FA HF Amplifier
  • Green Heron Rotor Controller
  • RemoteRig remote radio interface
  • Various switching gear (LAN to RS232 switch, etc)

Other equipment just laying around but getting use at various times includes:

  • Icom ID51A DSTAR HT (2m/440)
  • Icom ID31A DSTAR (440)
  • Icom ID-1 1200 Mhz DSTAR Radio
  • Icom IC2100 2m rig
  • Kenwood D72A APRS HT
  • Kenwood D71A APRS HT
  • Kenwood D710A APRS Mobile
  • Icom IC92AD DSTAR HT (2m/440)
  • Yaesu FT11 2m HT
  • Kantronics KPC 3 (2 of these)
  • Dunestar HF Triplexer (20/15/10)



  1. Jim Barrick Jim Barrick

    I’m debugging a remoterig setup between my D710A and my radiosport headset. Using the standard D710 mic paired with the Radiosport headset to listen, both talk and listen work fine.

    But when I try to use the Radiosport mic (M360) connected to the remoterig I can only hear, not talk. The remoterig is setup for the D710A mic. Odd thing is that when I connect the radiosport mic and speaker connections directly to the D710 (not remote) both talk and listen work fine as well.

    Any advice on configuring the remoterig to be compatible with the radiosport headset?



    • Tom Tom

      Hello. Sorry for the late reply as I missed this. I have only used the RemoteRig with Elecraft radios.I would recommend you draw a diagram and send it to the chap at RadioSport. He is very helpful. if you solved this, I am curious how.


      Tom NY4I

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