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The Tower Shopping List

My goal with this tower is to built an exception satellite station so I can try for WAS and DXCC on Satellite. While WAS is doable, the DXCC part will need lots of low angle AO-7 passes and FO-29 passes. With that in mind, I decided to install some very high gain antennas. I like the quality of construction of other antennas I have from M2 so I decided for their biggest satellite antennas. Of course, I also need an rotator to adjust both the Azimuth and elevation. I opted for separate rotators in case I decide I want to put a small HF beam at the bottom of the mast.

Here is the bill of materials (BOM):

  • AlfaSpid RAK Rotator inside tower
  • AlfaSpid RAEL Elevation Rotator
  • KF7P AlfaSpid Flat-plate adapter
  • DXE-AS455G Accessory Shelf
  • DXE-TB-300 Thrust Bearing
  • DXE-ST200CM-22 Chrome-Moly 22’ mast
  • Rohn ROH-BPL55G tower bearing plate
  • KF7P Antennas Standoff Arm
  • KF7P Standoff Stabilizer Arm
  • M2 Crossboom HD FG 11’
  • M2 436CP42UG 430 Mhz Yagi (18’)
  • M2 2MCP22 2m Yagi (19’)

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