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Tower Project

To catch up, we are rebuilding our house in Madeira Beach. We lifted the house to avoid future flooding (the house has been flooded 6 times so far since 1985). As part of this project, I am installing a new shack and tower. The tower will be 45 feet of Rohn 55G house-bracketed to the house in two places. I have engineered drawings showing the system to support the house bracket. The tower will be free standing.


In Madeira Beach, Florida, the city has some confusing language regarding amateur radio towers. In one section of the city ordinances related to towers, they specify that amateur radio towers by licensed hams are exempt from this section. But in the code regarding single family residential property, they state that an amateur radio antenna up to 50 feet is a valid special exemption purpose. As a special exemption purpose, it has to be approved by a Special Magistrate. The Special Magistrate first gets a recommendation from the Land Planning manager which here is the Planning Commission. Hence, the presentation to the planning commission first and then if approved, the special magistrate.

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